PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles


Supa-Lock comes 5mm & 7mm thick. Quick and easy to install. Ideal for the home in rooms such as garages, workshops, sheds, utility rooms etc. Also a cost effective solution for commercial applications because it can be laid over any hard surface with minimum or no surface preparation. So long as they are relatively even, sub-floors which are poor, worn and in some cases damp can be quickly upgraded.Supa-Lock is loose laid on the floor and its unique interlocking moulded keys are easily locked into place. No special tools are required – all you need is a mallet,  jigsaw, measure and a chalk line.

  • anti slip DS R10
  • no adhesive required
  • rapid and uncomplicated installation
  • floor can be trafficed immediately
  • available in stud and textured finishes
  • can mix colours to create your own design and layout
  • ideal solution for any industrial, commercial or domestic floor area
  • floors need to be clean prior to fitting
  • tiles should be joined together using a rubber mallet
  • an expansion gap of 1cm should be left around the edge of the room

Installation of the tiles should be commenced from the center of the floor working outwards in a circular pattern. Since Supa-Lock is easy and modular to install it is not necessary to stop any operations during installation. For installations with minimal temperature changes (+/- 5C room temperature) it is necessary to leave a 5mm gap in between the tiles and any fixed point (i.e. wall and machinery) thus allowing tiles free movement to expand and contract. In applications of extreme temperature fluctuations (i.e. +/- 20C room temperature) and, in areas subject to direct sunlight or high temperature it may be necessary to use an adhesive.


                                                   BLUE                                                                                                        DARK GREEN


                                              DARK GREY                                                                                   YELLOW


                                               MID GREY                                                                                         RED(Also available in BLACK)

Cleaning & Maintenance

Supa-Lock's impervious surface means that it is also quick and easy to clean, damp mopping, machine or hard scrubber is ideal. To enhance and maintain Supa-tile appearance 2-3 coats of a sealer should be applied to the tile after installation. Note a full maintenance and cleaning programme is available upon request.

SUPA-LOCK  - 5mm

  • Commercial quality
  • textured finish
  • 508x508mm (10 tiles per tile)
  • Weight 7.6kg/m2
  • Hardness 92 Shore A
  • 2.58m2 per pack
  • 5mm thick
  • anti-slip DS R10
  • flexible no cracking
  • chemical resistant

Must be adhered in areas where:

  • Forklift, pallet or electric pallet trucks exceed the acceptable weights for loose laying
  • Forklift trucks with steel or nylon wheels are in use
  • 3 wheel forklifts with a single rear wheel
  • a reach truck is in use
  • exposed to great variations in temperature sunlight

0-50m2................£29.99/m2 +vat

over 50m2............£28.20/m2 +vat


  • Industrial quality dovetail interlocking
  • textured finish
  • 508x508mm (8 tiles per pack)
  • Weight 10kg/m2
  • Hardness 92 Shore A
  • 2.064m2 per pack
  • 7mm thick
  • anti-slip DS R10
  • flexible no cracking
  • chemical resistant

Can be loose laid in areas where:

  • Four wheeled forklift trucks with rubber tyres not carrying more than 1 tonne
  • Three wheeled forklift trucks with rubber tyres with double rear wheel carrying not more than 800kg
  • Pallet trucks not carrying more than 800kg
  • Electric pallet trucks not carrying more than 700kg
  • Tiles must be adhered if exposed to great variations in temperature sunlight

0-50m2..................£31.35/m2 +vat

over 50m2..............£29.51/m2 +vat