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 Quality Spanish Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles

Home of Floors, Burton on Trent is proud to be an agent for PORCELANOSA Floor & Wall Tiles

PORCELANOSA goes further. We have tiles to grace any hotel foyer, or prestige office entrance and a massive range of exclusive designs for all lifestyle homes. This is a reality that many families around the world already enjoy, families who have created their own individual lifestyle with different products featuring excellent and innovative designs, many of which have previously been available only to architects and construction companies.

Porcelanosa Floor & Wall Tiles

Square Floor/Wall Tile Range


                  Talis Antracita 33.3x33.3cm                          Talis Beige 33.3x33.3cm                               Talis Blanco 33.3x33.3cm


                      Talis Cacao 33.3x33.3cm                               Obi Beige 33.3x33.3cm                                Stilo Tobaco 33.3x33.3cm


                     Stilo Negro 33.3x33.3cm                                Soho Gris 33.3x33.3cm                                  Zen Ebano 33.3x33.3cm


                    Soho Grfito 33.3x33.3cm                                  Ixos Bone 33.3x33.3cm                                  Ixos Gris 33.3x33.3cm


                 Bali Nieve 31.6x31.6cm                               Bali Antracita 31.6x31.6cm                           Silk Blanco 33.3x33.3cm


                   Turin Blanco 44x44cm                        Turin Antracita 31.6x31.6cm                         Turin Marfil 31.6x31.6cm


                 Turin Acido 31.6x31.6cm                                  Nova 33.3x33.3cm


                  Nimbus Blanco 33.3x33.3cm                       Nimbus Caliza 33.3x33.3cm                         Nimbus Silver 33.3x33.3cm


                   Nimbus Acero 33.3x33.3cm                            Bata Beige 33.3x33.3cm


      Atlanta Caliza(GLOSS) 33.3x33.3cm      Georgia Caliza(MATT) 33.3x33.3cm                 Arizona Antracita 31.6x31.6cm


                       Yakarta 31.6x31.6cm                                Yakarta Wenge 31.6x31.6cm                       Yakarta Blanco 31.6x31.6cm


              Forja Blanco 33.3x33.3cm                           Forja Marfil 33.3x33.3cm                             Forja Negro 33.3x33.3cm


Marmol Carrara Blanco Brillo 31.6x31.6cm        Horizon Marron 33.3x33.3cm                         Horizon Gris 33.3x33.3cm


             Arizona Caliza 31.6x31.6cm                         Arizona Arena 31.6x31.6cm                           Arizona Stone 31.6x31.6cm

*Other sizes often available

Wall Tile Range

Tile size 20cm x 33.3cm & 20cm x 31.6cm


      Cubica Blanco                       Cubica Negro                          Cubica Gris                             Filo Blanco                             Filo Marfil


    Deco Filo Marron                  Deco Filo Gris                       Deco Filo Blanco                    Deco Silk Blanco                     Ixos Blanco


         Seul Arena                                 Seul Nacar                              Qatar Arena                            Qatar Nacar


       Bambu Beige                         Bambu Blanco                Bambu Extra Blanco           Formas Blanco(gloss)      Format Ku Antracita


          Ixos Marfil                               Ku Blanco                          Line Antracita                         Line Blanco                            Line Crema


Link Ice Blanco(gloss)              Meridian Blanco                  Mosaico Ixos Gris               Mosaico Soho Grafito                      Obi Beige


        Silk Blanco                              Soho Blanco                           Soho Caliza                   Square Nimbus Acero         Square Nimbus Silver


Square Talis Antracita        Square Talis Cacao                        Talis Antracita                         Talis Beige


        Talis Blanco                             Talis Cacao                  Technic Blanco(matt)                  Bali Nieve                           Bali Antracita


           Yakarta                          Yakarta Blanco                      Yakarta Wenge                          Zen Blanco                             Zen Marfil


  Mosaico Zen Ebano                    Oxon White                       Tecnos Blanco                          Pearls White                     Pearls Dark

   Jersey Nacar                      Jersey Nieve                      Jersey Antracita                          Jersey Mix                         Madison Nacar


Madison Antracita         Madagascar Beige              Madagascar Natural              Madagascar Blanco                    Zues Beige

    Zues Natural                  Zues Blanco                    *Other sizes often available

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We can supply ANY Porcelanosa product, click below to search the full range


Porcelanosa's environmental commitment. The care and conservation of the environment has always been one of the Porcelanosa Group’s major concerns. Sustaining our lifestyle and the crucial environmental balance that this implies requires specific policies and tangible actions.  Porcelanosa Grupo has always been well ahead of market trends in this area, and for more than 30 years has been implementing improvements to its production systems, aimed at minimising their impact on the environment. Porcelanosa Grupo’s environmental strategy goes far beyond the optimisation of production systems; indeed, our efforts are also centred on the design of products that contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption in the home. Examples of this include taps that limit the water flow or building solutions that allow for energy savings in their heating systems

We supply ALL Porcelanosa product to the General Public, Trade & Commercial customers with a delivery service across the UK

For an online quote please click below and provide tile details(name & size), number of tiles or m2 required & your location so that delivery costs can be calculated

to order please call our showroom

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