Natural Grey by Concreate

Natural Grey by Concreate

Natural Grey by Concreate


Ideal for Modern Living - Concreate Natural is a warm mid grey coloured panel simply finished with a specially formulated high solid oil to give the appearance of raw concrete whilst providing a treated stain resistant surface. Each panel is poured and pressed and left to cure outside before being kilned for strength. This process gives a unique individual appearance to every panel.


The panels are tongue and grooved with a micro beveled edge, this means that no grout is needed after installation, the result is an smooth polished concrete floor guaranteed against the kind of defects which can be so troublesome with a pout concrete floor such as cracking and pitting.


Concreate Flooring Panels are precision engineered at 300 x 14 x 1200 mm, 0.72m2 per pack


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