Smoke White Oak by Concreate

Smoke White Oak by Concreate

Smoke White Oak by Concreate


Wood and Concrete - Concreate introduces the Smoke White Oak panel, 4 mm of European rustic oak bonded to Concreate’s magnesium oxide base layer.


The panels are half the width of the concrete panels giving them ultimate stability, bevelled on the long sides with straight cut ends the boards are 150 x 14 x 1900 mm and with the same tongue and groove system they fit seamlessly together with the rest of the Concreate range. 1.71m2 per pack

Combination Floors for Open Plan Living - This allows  for combination floors ideal for modern open plan living where living areas can be divided by surfaces rather than physical barriers. With a normal wood flooring system there must be an expansion gap wherever the wood meets an immovable obstruction such as a ceramic tiled floor. However with Concreate’s innovative new system there is no need for this gap so the Smoke White Oak panels can be installed side by side.

So for the first time our can achieve a an open plan design with out the need for clumsy transition bars which may work well as thresholds in door way but can break up that minimal aesthetic when used across a large area.

The panels are finished with three coats of Smoke white high solid oil to match the rest of the range.

Perfect for Underfloor Heating - Although the oak panels have been designed to be installed alongside the concrete panels they can also be used as a stand alone wood floor ideal for installation over underfloor heating. There is very little heat loss through the 4mm top layer whilst the magnesium oxide cement base layer is a thermal mass storing and transferring heat well. This means that you underfloor heating will work at low temperatures with far more efficiency, a massive benefit to low carbon living.


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