Quick-Step The most extensive range of laminate flooring products available in the UK, Quick Step has a floor for every possible requirement. Woodgrain and tile effects, modern and traditional - Quick Step is suitable for every room and every style choice. Quick-Step has the right floor for every interior. Planks and tiles. Wide and small planks

Quickstep ELIGNA & PERSPECTIVE - beautiful plank foors with or without grooves

Eligna(without grooves) - U, 8mm thick, board length 138cm & width 15.6cm, pack size 1.7222m2. Perspective 4v groove - UF, 9.5mm thick, board length 138cm & width 15.6cm, pack size 1.507m2

UF312 UF860 UF861 UF864

Old Oak Matt Oiled 312, Harvest Oak 860, Antique Oak 861, Natural Varn. Cherry 864

UF1300 UF866 UF896 UF915

Wenge Passionata 1300, Varnished Beech 866, Natural Varnished Oak 896, White Varnished Oak 915

UF918 uf1235 UF995 UF996

Dark Varnished Oak 918, White Brushed Pine 1235, Vintage Oak Natural Varnished 995, Merbau 996

UF1000  UF1001  UF1043  UF1157

Wenge 1000, Vintage Oak Dark Varnished 1001, Oiled Walnut 1043, Homage Oak Natural Oiled 1157


Eligna Wide(flush fit) - UW, 8mm thick, board length 138cm & width 19cm, pack size 1.8354m2. Perspective Wide 4v groove - UFW, 9.5mm thick, board length 138mm & width 19cm, pack size 1.5732m2

1535  1538  1539  1548

Morning Oak Light 1535, Oak White Oiled 1538, Oak Natural Oiled 1539, Oak with Saw Cuts 1548

1541  1543  1544  1540

Reclaimed Chestnut Natural 1541, Reclaimd Chestnut Antique 1543, Reclaimed Chestnut Brown 1544, Fumed Oak Dark 1540

Quickstep ARTE - magnificent tiles with subtle v-grooves

Arte - 9.5mm thick, board length 62.4cm & width 62.4cm, pack size 1.5575m2

UF1155  uf1248  uf1246  uf1247

Versailles Light uf1155, Versailles White Oiled uf1248, Polished Concrete Nat.uf1246, Polished Concrete Dk uf1247 

UF1400  UF1401  UF1402

Marble Carrara uf1400, Leather Tile Light uf1401, Leather Tile Dark uf1402

Quickstep EXQUISA tile design

Exquisa - 8mm thick, board length 1224mm, width 408mm, pack size 1m2

1550  1551  1552  1553

Slate Black EXQ1550, Slate Black Galaxy EXQ1551, Slate Dark EXQ1552, Ceramic White EXQ1553

1554  1555  1556  1557

Ceramic Light EXQ1554, Ceramic Dark EXQ1555, Tivoli Travertine EXQ1556, Crafted Textile EXQ1557

Quickstep LARGO extra long and wide planks

Largo - 9.5mm thick, board length 2050mm, width 205mm, pack size 2.5215m2

LPU1283  LPU1284  LPU1285  LPU1286

White Varnished Oak LPU1283, Natural Varnished Oak LPU1284, White Vintage Oak LPU1285, Grey Vintage Oak LPU1286

LPU1288 LPU1396 LPU1505 LPU1507

Natural Varnished Maple LPU1288, Light Vintage Oak LPU1396, Authentic Oak LPU1505, Pacific Oak LPU1507

LPU1622  LPU1660  LPU1661  LPU1662

Dominicano Oak Natural LPU1622, Long Island Oak Light LPU1660, Long Island Oak Natural LPU1661, Cambridge Oak Natural LPU1662

LPU1663 LPU1664

Dominicano Oak Grey LPU1663, Cambridge Oak Dark LPU1664