PALIO CLIC by Karndean

PALIO CLIC by Karndean

Palio Clic by Karndean

The choice of eight intricate wood and four stone effect designs all feature a patented, familiar click-locking system and a durable 0.4mm wear layer. With a Lifetime Domestic guarantee and 12 year Light Industrial Commercial guarantee


The authentic designs and structured surfaces of each plank and tile imitate nature to perfection. Palio Clic flooring products are waterproof, softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone flooring. To be fitted onto a hard flat surface with or without the 2 special underlays featured below along with the Karndean cleaning and maintenance kit




karndean_palio_clic_montieri_cp4504 karndean_palio_clic_sorano_cp4508 karndean_palio_clic_arezzo_cp4503

CP4504 Montieri, CP4508 Sorano, CP4503 Arezzo

karndean_palio_clic_crespina_cp4505 karndean_palio_clic_lucca_cp4509

CP4505 Crespina, CP4509 Lucca

karndean_palio_clic_bolsena_cp4507 karndean_palio_clic_vetralla_cp4506 karndean_palio_clic_asciano_cp4502

CP4507 Bolsena, CP4506 Vetralla, CP4502 Asciano


4 STONE TILE DESIGNS - 24 x 12 inch floor tile

karndean_palio_clic_murlo_ct4302   karndean_palio_clic_pienza_ct4303

CT4302 Murlo, CT4303 Pienza

karndean_palio_clic_volterra_ct4301   karndean_palio_clic_cetona_ct4304

CT4301 Volterra, CT4304 Cetona


Palio Clic is fitted onto a hard flat surface with or without the 2 special underlays below

camaro_loc_underlay1.5mm dense silver underlay for sound and heat insulation



3mm rubber low tac adhesive underlay for sound insulation and comfort under foot