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Useful floor care tips
Wood is a living material! High air humidity levels, stagnant heat and temperature swings are just as hard on your parquet floor as they are on human beings. The best climate for your floor is a room temperature of about 20°C and a relative air humidity of 50 - 60%. With the right protection your wood floor will stay beautiful for years. Protective felt pads under chairs and table legs help to avoid scratches. You can also place walk-off mats at entrances, garages or basements to minimise tracked-in dirt and grit.

Wiping Clean - Wooden floors are known for being easy-clean surfaces. With Home of Floors' lacquered wood floors you generally only need to dry clean using a broom or vacuum cleaner and, once in a while, give it a damp wipe.

Dry cleaning Generally, dry cleaning using a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner is all you need to do. For anyone suffering from allergies we recommend the special parquet vacuum cleaner “Parquet & Co.” from Miele.

Damp cleaning When it's raining or snowing outside boots will track in a lot of dirt, making it inevitable to give your floor a damp wipe once in a while. However, “the more the better” is the wrong approach when it comes to water on Wooden flooring. A fast and easy way to damp clean your floor is to use the flat mop system.

Woods Good Cleaning Kit (mop&spray), Woods Good Natural Soap Spray

woods_good_cleaning_kit_for_oiled_and_waxed_floors_-_Copy woodsgood_natural_soap_spray_lacquer




 Maintenance Kit for Oiled Wood Floors by WOCA



Wet & Dry Flat Cleaning Mop                                        Wood & Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner

unika_wet_and_dry_mop                                      unika_easyshine

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Karndean Clean floor cleaner 750ml

Karndean Clean floor cleaner 750ml bottle, Coverage 150m2 approx., Can be used for everyday care of your floor

£7.49 / bottle(s) *

WOOD'S GOOD FloorCare kit Oiled,Waxed,Lacquered & Laminate floors

Wood's Good Natural Floor Care cleaning kit for Oiled, Waxed, Lacquered and Laminate floors - Mop, Microfibre Pad and Natural Soap

£24.99 / Kit(s) *

Karndean Remove floor prep. 750ml

Karndean Remove floor prep. 750ml bottle, Coverage 40m2 approx., Prepares your floor before applying Karndean Refresh

£7.49 / bottle(s) *

WOOD'S GOOD Natural Floor Care replacement mop head cover

Wood's Good Natural Floor Care cleaning kit replacement Mop Head Cover

£7.49 *

Karndean Refresh satin finish 750ml

Karndean Refresh satin finish 750ml bottle, Coverage 15m2 approx., Creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it

£10.83 / bottle(s) *

WOOD'S GOOD Natural Soap Spray for Lacquered wood floors(750ml)

Wood's Good floor cleaning Natural Soap Spray for Lacquered wooden, Laminate and Vinyl floors - 750ml

£10.00 *
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EASYSHINE Laminate & Lacquered Wood floor cleaner 500ml

EASYSHINE 500ml - For all Laminate and Lacquered Wood flooring. Gentle smear free cleaning with no need to rinse

£4.99 *


Mop/Applicator for the application of oil to real wood floors complete with 1x mop head cover

£29.16 *

EASYCLEAN - Dual Purpose Mop (wet & dry)

EASYCLEAN - Dual Purpose Mop(wet&dry) Can be used on wood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, cork etc

£13.33 *

WOCA Maintenance Kit for Oiled Wood Floors

WOCA Maintenance Kit for Oiled Wood Floors - ALL YOU NEED IN ONE BOX

£49.99 *
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