Home of Floors believe the floor you choose for your kitchen is often affected by the design and colour of your kitchen and it's worktop. Here we can help with both. We supply the Formica Prima & Bushboard Omega laminate worktop range which has over 100 different colours and inspirational designs to choose from

PRIMA by Formica - Quality worktops from just £44.00+vat

Feel the beauty We’re passionate about our worksurfaces. That’s because we want you to feel delighted with the one you choose for your home. Take a look at the shimmering beauty of the new Radiance designs and the outstanding elegance of the True Scale granites. Totally unique to FORMICA Prima, these life-sized designs printed in high definition, mirror exclusive and luxurious granites that are guaranteed to make a signature statement in your home

  • Upstands now available in every design
  • Worktops, Breakfast Bars, Upstands and Splashbacks
  • 2 thicknesses(28mm & 38mm)
  • 3 lengths(3m, 3.6m & 4.1m) available for minimum waste
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Click here to view the options sheet





W = Worksurface    U = Upstand    S = Splashback

28mm Worksurface Crystal/Matte-58  
3000 x 600mm £44+vat  
3000 x 900mm(bbar) £95+vat  
38mm Worksurface Crystal/Etchings/Matte-58  
3000 x 600mm £80+vat  
4100 x 600mm £110+vat  
4100 x 665mm(bbar) £147+vat  
4100 x 900mm(bbar) £177+vat  
38mm Worksurface Radiance/Ceramo Riverwash/Honed/Glastex Gloss/Naturelle
3600 x 600mm £130+vat £116+vat
3600 x 665mm(bbar) £182+vat £161+vat
3600 x 900mm(bbar) £199+vat £176+vat
Upstand(3000 x 100 x 20mm) £55+vat £55+vat
8mm Splashback Glastex Gloss/Matte-58 Metal/Brushed Aluminium
3000 x 600mm(Midway) £107+vat £130+vat
1500 x 1200(Hob Panel) £107+vat £130+vat


OMEGA by Bushboard

Be creative! Our Omega collection is an exercise in laminate innovation demonstrating the material's vast potential to deliver a lasting impression. Building on the hugely successful development of the Strass metallic concept, 4 new quartz designs in Ruby, Cinder, Vanilla and Chocolate have been introduced. With 3 new pearlescent splashbacks and two stunning Rococo frosted gloss effects, we're certain that you'll find the perfect look

  • Strass & Quartz metallic’s, Ultramatt, Roche, Granit, Hi Gloss, Surf and Fa surface finishes
  • 38mm thick worktops
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 4100mm & 3000mm availability
  • Worktops, Breakfast Bars, Upstands and Splashbacks
  • Click here to view options sheet




W = 38mm Worksurface    U = Upstand    S = Splashback    C = Curved Worksurface

38mm Worksurface Roche/UltraMatt Quartz Gloss/Strass Surf/Fa Granit/HiGloss
4100 x 600mm £125+vat £167+vat £115+vat £122+vat
3000 x 600mm £81+vat £116+vat £85+vat £87+vat
4100 x 665mm(bbar) £170+vat £226+vat £155+vat £165+vat
4100 x 900(bbar) £210+vat £276+vat £180+vat £201+vat
Upstand(3000 x 100 x 20mm) £50+vat £65+vat £45+vat £65+vat
8mm Splashback Gloss Fa Linear Brushed Aluminium
3000 x 600mm(Midway) £50+vat POA POA £130+vat
1500 x 1200mm(Hob Panel) £50+vat POA POA £130+vat