Engineered Rustic Oak 180mm wide with a Brushed & Oiled Finish, 14mm thick, random lengths(400-1600mm), 3.168m2 per pack

£116.13 *


Rewmar 6mm B11 V-Notched Trowel(B11) - for the perfect application of timber wood floor adhesive

£5.83 / unit(s) *

Rewmar MS Polymer 12kg(6kg bag x 2), Coverage;10-14m2 with a 6mm & 20-28m2 with a 3mm v-notched trowel

£58.33 / box(es) *

Rewmar MS Polymer Flexible Wood Floor Adhesive 16kg Tub, Coverage: upto 16m2 with a 6mm & 32m2 with a 3mm v-notched trowel

£79.17 / unit(s) *

Rewmar MS Polymer 6kg bag x 1, Coverage;5-7m2 with a 6mm & 10-14m2 with a 3mm v-notched trowel

£29.17 / unit(s) *

Rewmar MS650 Polymer 600ml Adhesive Sausage. Coverage:1.6m2 - 2m2 per sausage. Applicator gun grade flexible woodfloor adhesive

£6.67 / unit(s) *

Rewmar RP is a fast drying, one part polyurethane based primer & liquid damp proof membrane. Coverage: 5kg = 13-24m2

£66.67 / unit(s) *

Rewmar Applicator Gun is used in conjunction with Rewmar MS650 & MS/P600 adhesive sausages

£25.00 / unit(s) *

Rewmar Hand & Tool Wipes, 75 fragrant wipes tackle grease, dirt & our adhesive to enable you to go home with clean hands and tools

£7.49 / unit(s) *