Choosing the perfect floor is an important step in creating an extraordinary home. A floor that matches your style and your life. Quickstep laminate floors have everything you need: a large selection of colours, textures and designs, in which you can find the floor of your life.


CLASSIC - 8mm standard planks with a variety of finishing options and an impression bevel on many of the designs. Quick-Step Classic features timeless decors that look great in any room of the house. This Classic range of laminate flooring offers a well balanced, high performance floor with natural look and feel **Now with Quickstep's HYDRO SEAL Waterproof surface**

CREO - 7mm standard planks without a bevel. The Quick-Step Creo range offers a contemporary range of laminate flooring, each décor with its own character and style, which perfectly replicates the unique grain and quality of the wood

Largo - extra long & wide planks, 9.5mm thick. The Quick-Step Largo laminate collection is characterised by long planks that give the living space genuinely special feel. Each plank measures over two metres; exuding uncommon class and indviduality

Elite - 8mm elegant planks with a subtle micro-bevel. As the name suggests, Quick-Step Elite laminate flooring represent the highest standards of performance and style. These subtle edged, sophisticated decors offer a perfect balance between colour, texture and size to give a great, natural looking floor

MAJESTIC - 9.5mm long & wide planks with the most natural look with a "Hydro Seal" Waterproof surface

IMPRESSIVE & IMPRESSIVE ULTRA - 8mm & 12mm planks with a "Hydro Seal" Waterproof surface. 'Impressive' laminate flooring from Quick-Step. These medium-sized laminate planks look and feel like a natural wood floor but feature the outstanding benefit of being completely waterproof due to its ‘HydroSeal’ coating. This feature means that Quick-Step Impressive laminate is not only visually stunning but makes the perfect addition to any room of the house; including the bathroom

MUSEThe most true-to-nature stone collection. This floor combines watertightness and scratch resistance with the sharpest prints and colour variations.




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