VARME Electric Underfloor Heating

VARME Electric Underfloor Heating




This system is designed especially for use directly below laminate, engineered wood & hardwood ‘floating’ floors, without the need for leveling screeds etc. This systems is also supplied with a layer of insulation/underlay. With the additional "Heat Pak" it can also be used underneath carpet, vinyl sheet and luxury vinyl tile eg.Karndean. Fully programmable digital thermostat included with every kit.


Each system comes complete with

  • Carbon heating film designed to fit your room with factory made ‘cold’ cable connections
  • 6mm Depron insulation/underlay (no other underlay is required)
  • Fully programmable digital thermostat with built in timer
  • Cable connection box (same size as single or double plug socket)
  • Push fit cable connectors
  • Moisture barrier sheet
  • Full detailed instructions & layout drawing
  • LIFETIME guarantee certificate


  • The thinnest electric underfloor heating system on the market
  • Starts to warm up in just a few minutes
  • Can be installed directly below laminate & wood floors (no need for screeds)
  • Suitable for laminate, engineered wood & many hardwood floors
  • 10 year guarantee on the heating film
  • Simple DIY installation (electrician required to make the connections)
  • 130watt/m2 system for internal rooms
  • 160watt/m2 & double layer insulation system for conservatories


Running Costs

Used in a well-insulated building the running costs can be very economical(typically around £3-£4 per m2 per year if used as main heating). The digital thermostat supplied regulates the power consumption and only delivers just enough power to maintain your desired room temperature. As with all heating systems conservatories will cost more to heat than internal rooms - an expected cost of £8 per m2 per year would be the norm, based on heating for 200 days at 8 hours a day.

Not all carbon film is the same - We have seen some cheap copies around in the last few months, our carbon film has been manufactured in the UK for many years in a BEAB approved factory. It is certificated to standard IEC60335 - certificate number NO40430

Pricing Examples

Wood/Laminate Internal Room & Conservatory(dble insul layer), Vinyl/Carpet(HeatPak)+(dble insul layer)

  • 5m2     £271.24+vat                            £305.24+vat                           £386.24+vat             £420.24+vat
  • 10m2   £466.74+vat                            £500.74+vat                           £696.74+vat             £730.74+vat
  • 15m2   £616.74+vat                            £684.74+vat                           £961.74+vat            £1,029.74+vat
  • 20m2   £812.24+vat                            £880.24+vat                         £1,272.24+vat           £1,340.24+vat
  • 25m2   £962.24+vat                           £1,064.24+vat                       £1,469.44+vat           £1,571.44+vat

How To Order

Simply email , post or fax (01283-544486) a simple sketch/plan of the room to us & one of our experienced sales team will contact you to confirm the quote and discuss your options. The heating system is designed to fit perfectly to your room. With your bespoke heating system you are also supplied with a detailed layout plan for simple & easy installation.

Underfloor Heating for vinyl & Carpet using "HeatPak"

HeatPak is the additional dual board layer, 3mm & 4mm to achieve a perfectly flat surface to lay Vinyl, Vinyl Tile or Carpet. Heat-pak has been designed to be a complete electric underfloor heating system specifically for use below other floor types including vinyl flooring (such as Amtico & Karndean). Carpet tiles and thin 'low tog' carpets excluding the underlay can also be used. The system is comprised of  an insulating underlay, ultra thin heating film, moisture barrier & a revolutionary 2-layer 'floating' overlay board. see image below


Using the very latest in technology, the heating system is extremely thin & including the overlay board it only increases the floor height by 14mm, making it convenient for most renovations. Installation is the same as our carbon film system for wood/laminate floors, with the addition of the overlay board.

Bathroom Mirror Heaters - keep your mirrors fog free

Finally there is an easy solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom/en suite showers. The mirror heater has a self adhesive backing which is simple to fit, giving you the luxury of a mist free mirror in only a few moments after switch on. At only 50watt our most popular MH7030 cost's less than a std 60watt Lightbulb to run. 2-3 pence per week (on average) [this is based on 1 hours usage per day] it is a small price to pay to have permanent mist free mirrors. Saving on cleaning each time someone rubs the condensation off with their towel.

Part No
Output Watts
Size in mm
Price inc.vat
MH 10
12 watts

250 x 270

Mirror Heater
£ 31.20
MH 20
28 watts
270 x 570
Mirror Heater
£ 51.00
MH 30
50 watts
516 x 520
Mirror Heater
£ 61.50
MH 35
80 watts
815 x 520
Mirror Heater
£ 65.70
MH 40
100 watts
1000 x 520
Mirror Heater
£ 70.80
MH 50
150 watts
1512 x 520
Mirror Heater
£ 91.20

Varme_Mirror_Demister_Example     Varme_Mirror_Demister