FLOTEX COLOUR - is all about choice with 24 colourways across 4 designs it gives a comprehensive bank of colour and texture



FLOTEX STONE HD - from timeless classics such as Farmhouse tile to contemporary oversized, diagonal & slate effect tiles



FLOTEX WOOD HD - brings you the allure of a modern wooden floor, whilst remaining quiet and comfortable under foot


flotex_waterproof flotex_allergy_seal_of_approval      

Flotex is a truly unique product. A hybrid product that brings you all the warmth associated with carpet whilst remaining as cleanable as a hard floor. 100% waterproof and hygenic. Everyday splashes and spills can be cleaned up easily from it's flocked surface

flotex_010041_Smoked_beech   flotex_hd_wood

Whether you are looking to introduce the natural beauty of wood and stone to your home, make a striking style statement or create a room to simply relax in, Flotex brings you the very best in design choice. Flotex comes in 2m wide sheets and is installed like vinyl

Flotex_cord_520011_jet   Flotex_Classic

Flotex can also help contribute to a healthier environment within your home. Thanks to its unique construction, which helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the atmosphere, Flotex has been awarded the prestigious British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, while its integral anti-microbial treatment Sanitized provides constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. In addition, a 20 year wear guarantee helps to ensure a long and happy product life

flotex_farmhouse_tile_010045  flotex_tile_design  Flotex_Stone_Dining_Room_010043

Flotex combines all the benefits of vinyl with the softness and warmth desired from a textile floor covering, making it the ideal choice for any room in the house. With an incredible 70 million nylon fibres in every square metre, Flotex provides no hiding place for spills and stains, and is 100% water and rot proof. Flotex offers constant protection against a wide variety of bacteria, including MRSA and dust mites, thanks to Sanitized, a highly effective anti-microbial treatment. Added into the backing of Flotex, the properties of the Sanitized treatment won't fade over time, giving you peace of mind that your floor covering will remain hygienic and provide no ground for bacteria or lingering odours

FLOTEX offers a FREE sample service - please call 08007312369

Minimum online order is 4m2(2m x 2m sheet)

Flotex Wood HD

Using the very latest in High Definition printing techniques, this unique range brings you the allure of a modern wood floor, while remaining quiet and comfortable underfoot. From the classic looks of beech and pine, to the on-trend effect of blackened oak or european white, Flotex Wood brings a touch of class to any room in the house

flotex_american_oak  flotex_antique_pine  flotex_blackened_oak

American Oak, Antique Pine, Blackened Oak

flotex_distressed_oak  flotex_english_oak  flotex_european_white_oak

Distressed Oak, English Oak, European White Oak 

flotex_pear_wood  flotex_reclaimed_pine  flotex_smoked_beech

Pear Wood, Reclaimed Pine, Smoked Beech

flotex_steamed_beech  flotex_white_oak

Steamed Beech, White Oak

Flotex Stone HD

From timeless classics such as the Farmhouse Tile to contemporary oversized, diagonal and slate effect tiles. Flotex Stone provides you with a choice of flooring that is both exciting and practical

flotex_china_black  flotex_lava_stone  flotex_welsh_slate_010052

China Black, Lava Stone, Welsh Slate

flotex_cornerstone  flotex_farmhouse_tile_010045_close_up  flotex_quarry_tile

Cornerstone, Farmhouse Tile, Quarry Tile

flotex_salt_glaze  flotex_charcoal_glaze  flotex_roman_spa

Salt Glaze, Charcoal Glaze, Roman Spa

flotex_limestone_pavement  flotex_cork_amber

Limestone Pavement, Cork Amber

Flotex Colour

The new Flotex Colour range offers an inspiring range of colour and choice


Calgary Cement


Calgary Ash,

flotex_calgary_sahara  flotex_calgary_suede

Calgary Sahara, Calgary Suede