WARM UP Electric Underfloor Heating

WARM UP Electric Underfloor Heating


Foil Heaters for Laminate, Engineered Wood, Carpet, Vinyl, LVT Karndean, Vinyl Click, Carpet and other floating floors - Easy to install, the foil heater promotes even warmth across your laminate flooring, eradicating problems with hot and cold spots.It can be conveniently installed under the floor finish in both dry and wet areas without the need for additional earth grids. The thermal and reflective properties of the reinforced aluminium foil used in the heater help conserve heating energy. Improved savings can also be achieved by using the foil heater in conjunction with Warmup® Insulated Underlay as it dramatically reduces heat up times

warm_up_underfloor_heating_foil      warm_up_underfloor_heating_insulated_underlay

Foil Heating Mat               Insulated Underlay

Warmup® Foil Heater Technical Specifications

  • Construction: ECTFE wire encased in aluminium foil
  • Wattages: 140W/m2
  • Mat Width: 0.5m
  • Mat Length: min 2m, max 20m
  • Heating Cable Spacing: 50mm
  • Cold Lead Length: 3m
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Operating Voltage: 230/240V:50Hz

The foil heater carries the CE mark and is SEMKO-approved

Foil Underfloor Heater Price List

WLFH-140W/140 1 0.5 x 2 140 0.61 378.28 £72.99
WLFH-140W/210 1.5 0.5 x 3 210 0.91 251.90 £87.99
WLFH-140W/280 2 0.5 x 4 280 1.22 188.93 £113.99
WLFH-140W/420 3 0.5 x 6 420 1.83 125.95 £165.99
WLFH-140W/560 4 0.5 x 8 560 2.43 94.46 £207.99
WLFH-140W/700 5 0.5 x 10 700 3.04 75.57 £254.99
WLFH-140W/840 6 0.5 x 12 840 3.65 62.98 £300.99
WLFH-140W/980 7 0.5 x 14 980 4.26 53.98 £347.99
WLFH-140W/1120 8 0.5 x 16 1120 4.87 47.23 £394.99
WLFH-140W/1260 9 0.5 x 18 1260 5.48 41.98 £446.99
WLFH-140W/1400 10 0.5 x 20 1400 6.09 37.79 £493.99
WLFH-140W/1680 12 0.5 x 24 1680 7.31  31.49 £591.99

The above prices do not include thermostats, these are sold separately details below

Mat Systems are for use under Stone or Ceramic tiles - 2mm multistrand core, double insulated using advanced flouropolymers. Sturdy fibreglass mesh for extra durability and super sticky double sided tape for secure installation. Quick installation - simply roll out mat with pre-spaced wire on mesh.

warm_up_electric-system-stickymat           warmup-heating-stickymat-system-cutaway

Insulation Boards - Available in 6, 10, 20 & 50mm thicknesses


Using Warmup insulation boards with underfloor heating can lower your running costs by as much as 50% while reducing your carbon footprint. Savings are obtained by reducing heat-up time by 60% or more, giving you a more cost effective and faster reacting system.


Warmup® Thermostats offer innovation in temperature control for underfloor heating. The programming flexibility means that Warmup® Thermostats are perfectly suited to the residential, commercial or institutional markets.  Warmup sells two types of thermostat; digital programmable (XSTAT) and standard (MSTAT).

warm_up_underfloor_heating_3ie_controller               warm_up_underfloor_heating_3ie_coloured_controllers

3iE - Standard Black or Cream, other colours available

warm_up_underfloor_heating_tempo_controller                           warm_up_underfloor_heating_mstat_controller

TEMPO                                                                                MSTAT

Thermostats and Accessories Price List

Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive Warmup® Thermostats price list

Model Description Price (Inc. VAT)
TEMPO Programmable Digital Thermostat with Floor Probe - White or Black £99.99
MSTAT Manual Thermostat with Floor Probe (does not include timer function) £72.99
3iE  Progran=mmable Digital with Floor Probe - Black or Classic Cream £144.99
RCD/Fused Spur  30mA Residual Current Device £49.99


Warmup offers a high quality RCD (Residual Current Device) designed to give added protecion against electric shocks and fire hazard by tripping when a leakage to earth is detected

Please note: As with all electrical projects which are subject to Part P Building Regulations, all elecrical work should be carried out by a certified/qualified electrician. All work must conform to BS 7671:2008 and the current IEE Wiring Regulations.

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